Water Softner System

There are many industries working for the Indian economy that uses water to produce or manufacture products for the customer to use on a daily basis. Therefore, our company delivers Water Softener Systems that are available in different models, sizes, capacities, and other configurations to meet the hygienic and industry standards. These include automatic water softener and aqua water softener. They are easy and fast to install. The customers only require to install the Water Softener Systems and connect them with a water supply. Our systems will condition the incoming or raw water into potable or useable one.
Product Image (NA-03)

Water Softener

Price: 25000 INR/Unit

Removes Hardness from Water and gives soft and scale free water.

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Electronic water conditioner

Price: 17000 INR/Unit

To convert Hard water into conditioner water

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Automatic Water Softener

Price: 35000 INR/Unit

To convert hard water into soft, to prevent scalling in pipes and reduces itching and other skin diseases occurs from using normal and hard water

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Water Softening plant

Price: 40000 INR/Unit

To reduce hardness in water and make it soft which is suitable for all home use purpose like batching, washing etc.. Its helps in reducing skin diseases like itching and rashes , mainly caused by using hard water


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