Water Purification Systems
The Water Purification Systems, offered by us are accessible with different capacities. The said products are useful for the industries of medical, chemical and pharmacology. These are made to clean the dirty water and make it potable.
Water Purifier
The Water Purifiers are made for the elementary purification of water. These disinfect the water and thus ensure protection from life-threatening water-borne diseases. These purifying units are made to remove the bacteria and viruses.
Water Dispenser
Water Dispensers are suited for both cleaning and maintenance. These can evade the occurrence of functional failure. These are used in schools, offices and various other places to provide cold, normal and highly pure water.
Filter Cartridges
Supplied high quality Filter Cartridges are the modular filters, designed to remove the chemicals as well as particles from the drinking water. These are made from spun polyester and ensure high serviceability.
Water Softner System
Water softeners systems are useful for the treatment of hard water and remove the buildup of scale. Also, these are suited for the removal of contaminants such as toxic metals, chemicals, sediment and micro organisms.
RO Systems

Buy from us RO systems for your home, corporate office or factory. Our company can supply the ideal system to the facility. The LPH, a measure of purification capacity of each system in the list is different, so make an informed decision.

Water Softening Plants

If you live or work in areas with hard water supply, then you will definitely need a water softener plant. This easy to install plant will convert the incoming hard water into soft water, safe for all appliances and equipment that use water.

Industrial RO Plants
Our company delivers Industrial RO Plants that are designed in hardened steel material to resist outer elements for better productivity and longevity. These systems are integrated with display screen, water filtration system, and other components.
Rain Water Harvesting System
Rain Water Harvesting Systems comprise of multiple tanks where rain water is collected. Made of PVC, these barrel shaped tanks can be used in any season. These are wonderful options to reuse rain water without causing environmental pollution.
Online Chiller
Available with three phase power supply arrangement, this array of Online Chillers can be accessed in 2 ton and 5 ton storage capacity choices. These automatic chillers are well known for their shock protected body, maintenance free design and long working life.
Solar Rooftop Systems are reliable options to convert solar power into solar energy that acts as reliable alternative to electrical energy. Quick to install, these solar panels are weather proof and breakage protected.
Water Cooler
Stainless steel water coolers are wonderful options to get cold and pure drinking water instantly. These coolers use Eco-friendly grade refrigerants. Reservoir of these water cooling solutions can be filled easily for uninterrupted supply of water.
Disc Filter
Disc Filters are well known for their reliable filtering mechanism. These cost effective filters have 130 micron rating. These types of filtering solutions are used as integral parts of high pressure based pipelines. 

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